Epic Episode 2: The Erotic Memoirs of Flora Ludmilla
"Sex with Bill" - in this episode Flora figures out that kissing is more than a prelude to the 'act' with the help of Hell Raising Helen and a little self reflection. Tickets are $7 and the link for this episode is available all day on 11/28 but the majority of Flora admirers will hopefully show up to chat while watching at 6pm.
The Lost (and unfortunately found) Erotic Memoirs of Flora Ludmilla
Presented as a series of sessions with a Sex Coach (oops, nix that) INTIMACY COACH, join Flora as she traverses the uninhabited (No no no...) UNINHIBITED (that’s better) psyche of a woman who isn’t afraid to ‘know’ herself (ahem...as in the biblical sense). This pay-per-view, one-woman show offers an intelligent look at what it's like to be a woman in a world that often doesn't GIVE women permission to know their bodies...and how learning to have an 'O' is a metaphor for learning to love yourself! And by ‘O,’ we do NOT mean ‘ovulation.’ If you purchase the book at Amazon, just email us a copy of your receipt and you can see one show for free! [email protected] . Show is available all day on 9/22. Running time: approximately 12 min. Depends on the equinox. ;)
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